Low Moisture Agitation/HWE Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaner

We combine low moisture agitation carpet cleaning along with low pressure hot water extraction and green seal certified carpet cleaners to give our customers the best possible outcome for deep cleaned carpets without wetting the carpet pad or flooring under the pad to prevent any mold or mildew.


Carpets are generally dry within 2 hours. We pre spray the carpet fibers to help loosen any dirt stuck to the carpet fibers, followed by agitation and removal of the loosened dirt particles.


We then follow with hot water extraction. Some call it steam cleaning. We use a lower pressure system so we do not wet the carpet padding or flooring underneath the pad. This will rinse out any residue and remove any remaining dirt or debris.


We also do low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning. This is a great maintenance carpet cleaning or anyone on a tight budget. It is still a good deep cleaning method for carpets. Dry time is usually within 1 hour.

commercial carpet cleaning
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