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                      Vapor Steam Cleaning

For the controlled environment where contamination, particulate removal, bacteria and virus reduction is critical. Steam Vapor (220°F+ surface contact, up to 94% dry) cleans and sanitizes any type of hard surfaces and flooring (including tacky floors), walls, ceilings, windows, equipment and much more.

Steam Vapor cleaners replace many chemicals, mops and cleaning accessories while doing a superior cleaning and disinfecting job. Proven lab test results show that the bio-burden is reduced dramatically while the surface you have cleaned with steam vapor is cleaner and sanitized to a higher level than if you used soaps or chemicals to clean those same areas.

Our services include but not limited to the following:

Sealed Wood Floor Cleaning, Linoleum & Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Household Appliances, Kitchens & Bathrooms.

Area Rugs, Windows, Household Furniture & Auto Upholstery including Leather.         

There is a multitude of different cleanings we can do. Please call or e-mail us for free estimates on any of these services commercial and residential.

There is a $75 minimum on any service we provide.

Our Dry Vapor Steam kills Mold & Mildew, Bacteria, Viruses and other germs all without any chemicals. The best part is no toxic chemicals and you dont have to wait long for anything to dry since the Dry Vapor Steam is only about 6% water. Our water is treated before hand with a UV lighted water treatment system.