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Matthew Toback reviewed A Smarter Clean LLC — 5 starApril 26 · 

Fantastic!!!!!!!! They do cleanings for me on a regular basis and I've always had a great job. Donald is very good and really diligent about what he does.

Dawn Stewart reviewed A Smarter Clean LLC — 5 starApril 26 · 

Donald finished my new luxury vinyl tile sealing in the craft and storage studio...wanted to protect floors from craft materials spills etc...for a longer wear life. Thanks honey (now, to be fair, I am biased, I co own company..but he does and supervises the spectacular work! ) and now he did one for me!

Christie McDowell reviewed A Smarter Clean LLC — 5 starMarch 14 · 

These folks have never disappointed. Quick, thorough, results better than expected. Great customer service. All at a very affordable rate. Not sure how they do it.

The company provided ecologically proven sealants to all the stainless steel appliances, tiled surfaces, porcelain, and flooring in our new build home. Cleaning, never my favorite chore, has been a breeze since the sealants were applied in the bathrooms, laundry room, and kitchen. No more stains and streaks on the stainless steel! Hallelujah! They applied five layers of sealant on the granite counter tops. How they sparkle and shine, as do the tiles and porcelain fixtures in the bathroom. All surfaces wipe clean easily with microfiber cloths, now. The team carefully moved furniture to do the floor and replaced the furniture. I will have A SMARTER CLEAN, a stellar company, returning when necessary.

Love this company! They keep buildings cleaner without using harsh chemicals. Try to Eagle seal coating. They keep floors, stainless steel, Granite counters, windows, etc. cleaner and germ-free longer. Truly amazing!

We just had our 5000 square foot house cleaned by "A Smarter Clean" this past week 11/22/2015. Our services included everything from cleaning the carpets, hardwood floors, tables & marble fireplace; to sealing all of those very same surfaces. 
They were early for the appointment. They were extra careful when moving objects and performing the work. They explained each step and answered all of our questions. Their cleaning products not only do a fantastic job; they clean with out an industrial smell. 
Not only are we planning to have them come back, we would highly recommend them to anyone else who is thinking about doing it themselves. You will find their prices very affordable.

Amy Kratz reviewed A Smarter Clean LLC — 5 starMay 12, 2015 · 

Dawn Stewart and Donald Layton did an amazing job on a porch full of nicotine and mold. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to clean walls, floors, carpets just about anything. They also sell and use Earth/People friendly supplies. Let them be the first people you call for all of your steam cleaning jobs.

I called on a Tuesday, got an appointment for Thursday morning! The guy came very nice and polite did a great job! My floors look cleaner than ever! Gave me a Christmas discount I will definitely call him again! A smarter clean I think is way better then The other floor services and my whole house smells wonderful like lavender, they put a little in the cleaning solution as they're doing your floors! Thank you a smarter clean I'll be calling you in the next six months to come again!!! 5 stars!

Lana Lawrence reviewed A Smarter Clean LLC — 5 starJune 17, 2015 · 

This company visited my home today to perform some initial carpet cleaning in light-colored, high-traffic areas that I, quite frankly, thought were somewhat hopeless and had anticipated doing a complete carpet replacement. They proved me wrong.Donald was quick to reply to my message requesting his services after a friend referred him to me, and was early to the actual appointment!! No waiting around wondering when he would show up, and he was kind enough to let me know via text when he was en-route to my home. I was greeted by a very personable man whose goal was to complete my project to the best of his ability, and to be as helpful as humanly possible when it came to moving objects/furnishings, vacuuming, and prepping the more difficult areas.I could go on and on about how pleased I am with the services of this company. The most significant issues, in my opinion, are just how CLEAN my house looked, felt and smelled after the job was complete! NO chemical odors, CLEAN and fresh carpets, professional and courteous service, CHEAP rates, and he did all of the work in less than 2 hours. My floors were almost dry after he cleaned them, and there was no soggy carpet with which to contend after the job was done. While they were slightly damp because the process he uses is based on steam, the actual cleaning is not done with toxic and harsh chemicals that would trigger my allergies and make me concerned for the health and safety of my pets.