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EcoSeal Wonder Walk Floor Sealing

Nano metal oxides components provide a stronger finish and assist light in controlling microbial growth. Wonder Walk is made to be the last maintenance floor finish you will ever put on a floor. Wonder Walk is the better and safer alternative for commercial floor wax and adheres to many floor types. Does not discolor.

Wonder Walk can be repaired without stripping the floor. Pour Wonder Walk on the damaged or worn area, smooth and let dry. It will blend in with the rest of the floor.

Proper maintenance with our neutral 7 floor cleaner and spray buffing with our wonder refresher extends the life of your floor. Non skid. Non scuff. High solids and smooths on like tile sealer. Can be buffed with a low rpm buffer.

Wonder Walk fills the tiniest micro and nanoscopic fissures in every floor surface where soap and surfactants have trouble working.

Wonder Walk is ideal for VCT, LVT, Linoleum, Rubber, Pure Vinyl, Laminate, etc.